Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! What are you doing on this special day? So far Colin and I exchanged presents, went to church, had lunch with my parents and now it's time to stay home and play.

Colin surprised me this morning with a Valentine's Day present, this extra cute box of chocolates. We are "entertaining" the idea of getting a dog so it's very much on Colin's mind every second of the day. I love the box of chocolates with the little chocolate lab. And NO we won't get a lab....too big for our little home. I gave him a Lego Cherry Picker truck, but I forgot to get a picture of it.

Here are some of our Valentine cards. We have received more from family and friends, but here is the card Colin gave me, the one I gave him, and the card Tiger and Calleigh gave Colin. :)

I know, call me crazy, but I couldn't pass up this card. Click on it if you can't read it.

Colin spread some cheer to the furry fellers outside too and they were grateful. This little guy was enjoying the pretzel sticks. The cats were wishing they could enjoy him.

Can you feel the intense stare going on? The squirrel finally turned around so he didn't have to look at the two sets of beady eyes looking at him from the window. They were swishing their tails like two helicopter's.

I'm off to play and hopefully make some more items for the Etsy shop. I hope some creativity starts flowing, so far I'm not feeling it. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday/Valentine's Day!
Lots of Love!

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