Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love is in the Air

I finally sprinkled a little bit of Valentine around our home. I've discovered you can find some very cute vintage Valentine Day's card on-line ready to download so I've had a hay-day with that. See the Queen of Hearts...she has lots of glitter on her dress but it's hard to see in my photo.

Another vintage Valentine.

My Eiffel tower must be decorated as the all-time symbol of LOVE!

A small antique dresser always gets dressed up for every holiday. The cats enjoy sitting on the dresser gazing at their beauty in the mirrors (and usually proceed to knock off whatever is sitting on the dresser). In fact, you can see Tiger's legs in the reflection of the mirror because he was laying on the back of the chair thinking to himself...."I'm gonna knock that stuff off of there when she goes to work". Bad boy.

A little blurry, but this is the bad boy.

Things have been so busy around home, I never seem to have time to blog. We are still crazy busy with Basketball since there are 3-4 games a week between Monday-Saturday and usually practice tucked in a couple other days. I'm at work and school more than home these days. My fanny has major bleacher-bum too.

One good thing to report is I made my first sale on Etsy (that didn't involve a family member...thank you Sissy for order #1). She left me a feedback stating she loved my product and gave me a whole bunch of A +++++++++! Made my heart swell. I'm going to like this Etsy shop a whole lot. I may never get caught up on my scrapbooking now, but I guess there is always retirement someday. :)

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