Sunday, February 21, 2010

Playing in my Room

This weekend all I wanted to do was stay home. Colin had 5 days straight of basketball which allowed us to be home about 15 minutes each evening and then straight to bed after the ballgame was over. It felt good to stay home and play in my room (just like a little kid).

I've shown you my craft room before, but there are a few things I love. This little wire basket was purchased last summer at a flea market and it is probably my favorite. It is stuffed to the hill with so many wonderful things it just gets me excited to look at it. You must love paper to admire it's loveliness.

These wire baskets were purchased at Ikea a few years ago and hold all kinds of brads, buttons, pins, flowers and some cute pictures I love to look at. Two of them are Colin in his rolly-polly days. I love the middle one so much, I wish he was that small again so I could kiss his chubby neck. Then there is ole' Walt on a Disney Pin I had to buy during out last Disney Vacation.

More baskets holding buttons and eyelets and a cute picture of me wearing my Daddy's shoes and sucking on my binky.

Another favorite is a little dresser I found at the same flea market that is actually a music box, but it stores all kinds of scrapbook goodies. The picture on top is my first Christmas with my Sissy holding me.

Next to the dresser are a few vintage books bought with the intentions of tearing them up and using the pages. I know this may make book collectors sick, but these pages are awesome....stinky......but awesome. The most recent one with the Burgundy binder is actually a book written in French. A girl friend spotted it while we were at a flea market (junk sale) the other weekend. She let me buy it since she knows I love all things French. Already tore some pages out of it.

With all of this inspiration around me and a free weekend to myself, I decided to play and make something new for my Etsy shop. I need to make some smaller items because these scrapbooks take me three days to make, but they are so much fun. I used those old books pictured above and tore some pages out to embellish the album pages. My girlfriend and I both said today "Why can't we quit our jobs and play with paper every day???!!".

Here is the front cover of the album. MaMa and PaPa bear where it's "Home Sweet Home".

One page.....

And another page using some of the vintage sheets. There are 16 pages in all just waiting for someone to add their own photos to it. I just listed it on my Etsy shop; let's hope for the best.
Well the weekend is over and that's a bummer. Mom and Dad are in Michigan visiting my Sister for the first time. I'm jealous but so happy they made it (before the snow starts flying). It's a bit lonely knowing I'm the only one here in Illinois. But I know if I wanted to change that, it would only take me 4 hours to accomplish it!

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