Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday (and I don't like football)

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! And for all of you ladies out there, Happy Super Bowl Sunday where the men don't do anything but watch football and feed their face! :)

I however, being Sweetly Single, do not have a man to feed, so I decided to feed my Dad! A while ago I received my favorite magazine, "Food Network", and noticed many different wings recipes so I thought it would be fun to give them a try. I showed the recipe to Dad, he agreed it looked good, so I set off to find the ingredients called for. I knew they were going to be spicy because it called for Chilpotle Peppers, but we cut back on the amounts so they weren't a blazing ferno.

The first step was to separate the wings into the two parts. This was a job for Dad. He tried a few different knives and after having the slippery little wings fall out of his hands, he decided to go for extra force.....a mallet from the garage. He really wanted to get his band saw out but he knew he would need to clean the blade first. You gotta love a man in the kitchen and how they think.

So here is Dad, killing the chicken, just in case it wasn't already dead.

The recipe is Bobby Flay's Hot Wings, you can find it here at Food Network's website. As you can tell from three of the ingredients, they were intended to be SPICY! Dad took a lick of the chilpotle peppers and quickly said reduce the amount called for. Dad loves hot stuff, but these suckers were really hot.

Dad also helped me out by frying up the chicken. It was fun to be in the kitchen cooking with him. I don't get to do that very often. Mom was nearby talking to us, but resting since her hip was bothering her. Colin would come and go whenever he felt the desire to be near family.

Another recipe I tried out was The Pioneer Woman's salsa and it was fabulous! I highly recommend it. I won't bore you with those pictures, but we did eat these with the salsa. :)

This is the only photo I have to evidence there was football going on today. And actually, it was some pre-game party deal, not even of the actual game. Oh well.

And finally, the meal......Yummy ribs my Mom made, veggies (only healthy item).....

Two kinds of chicken wings.....Bobby Flay's on the left and Colin's barbecue on the right......

Potato skins.......... (can you see Dad's individual wet rags he gave everyone for the messy food?)

And finally, this is the reason we all needed our own wet rags, lots o' barbecue and wing sauce to be consumed!

And that was the menu from our Super Bowl Party, wish you could have joined us. By the way, who was actually playing?


  1. Seeing dad with a knife and hammer in the kitchen is a bit disturbing to say the least! But, those skins look totally delish!! Did you save me one or two? :) The wings I will pass on...dark meat and spicy are icky for this sissy.

  2. You gotta love a man with a hammer,LOL!