Saturday, February 27, 2010

We are the Champions

Having bleacher-bum for the last 2 months has paid off. Colin's basketball team just won 1st place in their tournament that took place this weekend. And to make it even better, Colin made the winning 2 points.

There were 54 seconds left in the game; score was 18 to 19 and we were down by one. Colin stole the basketball from the other team and drove it down the court to attempt a lay-up. He was fouled while shooting so was given two free-throw shots. By now, my heart was in my throat and I felt like I could throw up. The other Mom's around me patted me on the back and said "No pressure Mom". Oh boy. Colin shoots the first free-throw and that ball hung in the air for days and swoosh....he made the first one. We are now tied 19 to 19. I felt good, at least it meant the game was tied and we could go into overtime. The coaches call a time-out and later I heard one of his coaches told Colin "You gotta make the next basket (yeah....pressure)". Colin goes to the line, shoots and scores. Yee-haw, we are ahead by ONE!

The other team gets the rebound and drives it down, shoots but misses and the buzzer rings. The crowd, and this Mama, goes wild. I had tears in my eyes with lots of joy and feelings of pride flowing over. The last two times we played this team we lost. Guess we picked the best game to beat them at, the championship. :)

Those smiles say it all. Our first "First Place" trophy.

Colin and his favorite coach.

Holding on tight to the prize. He wouldn't even let me hold it to look at it. He worked too hard to give it up.

One proud little guy who just had the best day in his life.

Way to go CC, Mom's very proud of you!!!


  1. Way to go Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOOO!!! We are so proud of you!! I wish we could of seen your amazing moment! I love the pictures your mama took of you and your team and trophy. Good job!! :)

  2. Grandma could not go to your game but I was sure praying for a good ending. I knew your team was going to come home with a trophy!! I have not seen You without that ball in your hands for weeks. Wow the final 2 shots. Always my first questions were to papa was did they win and how many shots did Colin make. I guess last night when you came by, you could see how very PROUD of you I am....Way to Go...