Friday, March 26, 2010


This may be Colin and I this week; me on the couch, Colin sitting next to me, toy truck, but that stranger on the end of the couch will need to go. :) Today at 6:00pm I started vacation from work. I must say it is the best feeling walking out of work knowing you won't be back for 9 whole days. To even top things off, I met up with a bunch of girlfriends and their spouses for dinner after work and a TON of laughter was had by all.
Colin is in school Monday - Thursday so I will be home doing my own thing. Then Friday morning we head to Michigan with my Mom and Dad to celebrate Easter with my Sissy and family. Can't wait!
Here are a few things on my agenda for the week:
1) Lunch with girlfriends
2) Lunch with Sissy (she is coming home Sunday, before we go see her!)
3) Lunch with Colin at school - a whole lot of lunch is going on this week
4) Trip to Amish country
5) Easter Bunny shopping
6) Cleaning house (can't be all fun and games)
7) Staying home for sure on Thursday when it's supposed to be 70 degrees and SUNNY! Time to fling open those windows!
That's it so far. Who knows where I will end up and how long I will stay in my jammies some days. All I have to fear is Dad showing up and me with no bra. Oh well.

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  1. Go for it girl you are deserving. Shake off some of those daily pressures and relax a lot.