Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Enjoying my vacation time and sunshine. Yesterday was a bit chilly but the sun was out so I had to open the screen door for the kitty cats. Tiger was the first to run up to see and smell what was going on outside. He didn't even try to escape like he normally does. He was just taking it all in.

He did look up at me with those squinty little eyes begging to go outside. NO!

My Sissy is home from MI and since we had a little time together she wanted to visit our Antique store. We came across an old yearbook and my sister noticed it was the year our Dad graduated from High School. We had Shelby call PaPa to see if he had his Senior yearbook and even though he did, I still bought it. Later that evening it led to a bunch of reminiscing by Mom and Dad. Shann and I loved to hear the stories.

Here is Dad's Senior picture. Isn't he handsome!

Here he is in the FFA (yellow arrow).

It's fun talking to your parents about their younger days. You find out that they experienced the exact same things as we did thirty years later. However they got to wear cute bobby socks, Letterman sweaters and poodle skirts. We just wore big hair.
Starting vacation day #2!

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  1. Speak for yourself....my hair was feathered...not big! ;)
    Your old sis XOXOX