Thursday, March 11, 2010

Merry Christmas to ME!

Today I received many presents....some given....some purchased.

1) I had to take my car in for repair work. I dread repair work. I have a 2004 Rav4 that I love and it has been such a great car so honestly, any repairs would be worth it since I have only paid for normal wear and tear jobbies on this thing. About 3 weeks ago it started making a rattle and each day, the rattle got louder. And finally it was so loud, it was embarrassing. Colin would run from the car when I dropped him off at school. Oops.

So I finally decided it was time to get it to the shop and prepare for the damages. I called my Sissy today on my way to work, told her I had been praying that the expense wouldn't be too large, but I knew I had to do it. I had prepared myself to spend $500 and I would be grateful if it wasn't more. I was certain my exhaust was bad since it is 126,000 miles old.

I dropped the car off, went to work and waited for the phone call. About 3 hours later the shop called me. The nice man explained they changed my oil, rotated my tires, checked my squeaky brakes I reported and yes they found something with my exhaust. Here it comes......It was some plate that "normally could be welded back up but yours was way too rusted out". it comes......."It will cost $15.00 to fix it". WHAT?! I asked the man "Did you say $15.00 and that's it?". "Yes, your total bill for all work done is $67.00." I about fell out of my desk chair. SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL, the Lord was with me today! I was pretty much dancing and clicking my heels the rest of the day singing "$67.00 dollars, $67.00 dollars". Hee-hee

2) My second present(s) was sitting on my front porch when I got home. I love to see boxes on my front porch, it always means something good. Just like my Sissy noted on her blog, it's great to get mail (especially the big boxed kind).

I recently treated myself to some new items from my Etsy stash and the goods were delivered. My first package came from Emma's Paperie. This past weekend it was their 2nd Birthday so they were having a party, giving discounts and free presents if you placed an order. I love the items they carry so I decided to finally buy something from their shop.

Tonight I received the package in the mail (super fast delivery) and look how cute the package was bundled up!! They wrapped their own presents and even sent a piece of candy.

I ordered items from the new Cosmo Cricket "Garden Variety" line. It is so stinkin cute, I can't wait to use it, but I have no idea on what (but I'm sure my Sister will have some her :) !!)

Look at the blue cow and the chick with the bonnet. Oh how sweet.

I will cut this sheet up and use each of those little tags. I just love the touches of vintage Cosmo Cricket uses in their lines. And that pink little piggy too.

I will cut up this page too and use each of those strips as borders. The middle one says "Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden." Oh so true, makes me want to go dig in the dirt.

Look how cute those chubby tomatoes are, the little peas in the pods and the ear of corn! Can you tell I'm excited? It doesn't take much these days. (Remember I'm still on my $67.00 high)

Here are the cute little free items Emma's Paperie sent.....blank tags, Prima flowers and Rhinestone butterflies. Gotta love free stuff!

My next box was from Stop and Scrap, another favorite store. This line from Cosmo Cricket will be near and dear to my Sissy and I will for sure make her something, just don't know what yet. :) It's called Material Girl and it's all about sewing, just like her.

I love the chipboard pieces....I've always loved chipboard. Look at the cute sewing machine in the bottom right corner. :) Oh lovely.

So, that's my Merry Christmas to ME day. It's been full of blessings. And even better, the sun was shinning and still no signs of Winter, only SPRING! And a $67.00 day of Spring.

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