Monday, March 8, 2010

The Puney's

The flu bug hit our house this weekend and it took one prisoner.....Colin. And it was baaaaaaad.

This will basically sum it up:

1) He didn't make it to the bathroom (why exactly don't kids make it on time??)
2) I used two rolls of paper towels and a ton of napkins
3) I threw away a bath towel
4) I used a container of bleach wipes
5) I held my nose with a bleach wipe and sucked in Clorox bleach
6) Colin and I both pulled an all-nighter with no sleep because he was so ill
7) I've done close to 50 loads of laundry in the past 48 hours
8) I've lost weight too because of major sympathy pains going on (or at least they better be sympathy pains and not the bug taking over me)
9) He will never eat salsa again....and I'm totally against it right now as well.

But here he is today with a little more color in him. He has been up playing Legos the last few hours so that is always a good sign. Tiger is confused since we are home and awake when he is usually awake and sleeping when he is usually sleeping (during the day).

I just pray and pray I don't get this nasty bug. It is yucky.


  1. Breathing bleach fumes is not good for you - girl!

  2. My youngest have always had a weak stomach for things.the least would make you gag...but Bleach it is a big NO NO NO NO It is always those red things that get you I hated Pizza for at least 10 years. Love to you both hope morning brings a better day. Mom