Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vacation Item #6.........check!

I decided to get the least amount of fun item off my vacation list......clean the house. I told my Sister, I walked out of my bedroom this morning, took a gander at every room in the house and said "Ugh, this place is a pit". Not only did it need cleaned, it need picked up. I don't live very messy, but my house was messy for me! Since Basketball has been over I have definitely been enjoying our evenings home without exerting much effort and my home showed it.

First, I tacked my favorite room in the house, my scrapbook room. It needed re-arranged and homes found for new items. It looks lovely I must say. Then I went to work on every thing else. Having two cats in the house creates LOTS of cat fur. I officially have enough fur in the vacuum for cat #3.

It was hard work but I really do love to do manual labor when I've been mentally exhausted at work. I sit at a desk and except for lifting mortgage files every now and then, I don't exert much manual labor in my job. So it is refreshing to come home and work...sweat a little bit.

My home is spit spot, a couple windows are open even though its about 40 degrees outside, but the sun is shining too so it warms you up. There is a cat in both open window, they too are loving it (and my furnace is running but I don't care). Oh yes and one more thing, about my fear in my last post........yes my Dad showed up without me having a bra on. Never fails. It was worth it, he asked me out for dinner with him and Mom. Can't wait to spend the evening with them.

See you!

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