Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dad tilled my garden today.'s almost planting time! I can't wait.

The Need For Free Time

I'm craving some down time. Work has been extra busy and our week nights have been as well. This weekend my little guy is home with me and we do not have any plans. No baseball games, no commitments, nothing but free time.

Last night Colin asked me what plans we had this weekend and he was just as happy when he heard me say "NOTHING". Funny how even kids crave the need for free time. They get tired of running too. The only crummy part about this weekend is the rain that's coming. Colin really wants to paint his clubhouse but I don't think that will happen.

I've neglected my Etsy shop these days as well. I really want to play in my craft room but I also want to paint my laundry room. I know, call me weird for wanting to paint a room. I guess I would rather waive my fairy wand and "Poof!" have it done, but luckily it's a very small room so it won't take long.

Who knows what this weekend may bring, but all I can say is hurry up and get here because I'm so very ready.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Girlfriends Weekend Away

Two girlfriends and I headed to Michigan this weekend to be with my Sissy for a girlfriend's weekend getaway. We had so much fun, just the birthday club minus one of our sweet friends. She had to back out at the last second because her son broke his nose playing baseball. We still had fun with everyone and my Sissy planned lots of fun things to do.

Saturday morning after a yummy breakfast we headed to the water to South Haven, one of my most favorite places on the earth. Shann and I wanted to share it with Lori and Sharon since they had not been there before. Unfortunately it was a bit rainy and overcast so we couldn't visit the beach as we intended. But we still took some pictures from afar of the beautiful lighthouse. The light was even on, first time I had seen that.

We wanted a picture of us four but no one was around so I propped it up on the hood of my Sister's car on her purse for stability and used the timer. We are a bit crooked, but you get the point.

Since the Spring season is a bit behind here in central Illinois, all of their tulips were still in bloom. Loved these colors.

Here is my Sister, Lori and me!

Shann with some new specs.

We'll leave the light on for ya.

Ooh la la

Today before heading to church we stopped at a greenhouse that was open for the season and it was big and beautiful. There were rows and rows and rows of flowers everywhere. They had flowers I had never seen before and I wanted to take them all home. But since it's early in even our season, I passed. But next time!!!!!!!

Finally I must share with you a present my Sister made for each of us. She was so excited for us to open a present from her when we arrived Friday night, she could barely stand it. She made this adorable picture of the birthday club girls with us all dressed up. Isn't it so cute!

Each of our outfits have something special about ourselves that we enjoy or do. I had a kitty and scrapbooking supplies and Jesus on my heart (and cool chunky shoes...and I'm a bit chunky too). The others had a book, coffee mug (Sissy), Vera purse and cooking utensils. It was so adorable and I will proudly hang it in my Scrap room.
Our time was wonderful, thank you Sissy for a wonderful time as always. I'm ready to come back already. I love you bunches.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baseball Season.............


I actually got excited driving to the park Monday night for our first baseball game. Remind me of this when I'm complaining 6 weeks from now that I'm sick of baseball. This week, the mother's froze their fannies off sitting in the bleachers. 6 weeks from now, our underwear will be sticking to our fannies because we are sweating so much.

For now, I'm excited about ballgames and getting to watch Colin. gives me more opportunities to snap pictures of him. Colin wanted to practice pitching last night so we walked over to an empty lot so he could throw a few. When I looked down at my glove, I loved this picture. So I placed it in the grass and took its picture. Aren't those little baseballs cute? Don't tell Colin his baseballs are cute or he will get mad.

He really didn't want me to take his picture. I had to give him the whole lecture "Someday, you'll be happy I took all these pictures of you. You'll call me when you are 30 years old to thank me because your wife and kids could see you....". He rolled his eyes.
To bad, I'm the mama and I can take however many pictures I want. Oh yes, I just remembered, the more pictures I take, the farther behind I'll get in scrapbooking. Oh well, they just may not make it into an album. Maybe a cleat shoe box instead, that's appropriate.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Clubhouse

Colin's Papa came over last weekend to help Colin nail some boards together so he could have his own "clubhouse". Today, I looked in my backyard to see 6 boys running around and before I knew it, the box of wood, became and official..............clubhouse. Complete, with Railroad sign.

Here are the 6 monkeys that turned the clubhouse into a NO GIRLS ALLOWED spot. There is no doubt, this is a guy place. You will soon see why.

Railroad crossing sign....or really just Rail Crossing Tracks.

Boy with bb-gun (not loaded).

Pirate Flag

Cheetos......crumbs are all that's left.

More artillery (still no bullets)

And the most appropriate thing...........caution tape. Beware.

Testosterone at it's finest. Girls wear funny sunglasses and make funny faces. Boys punch.

And finally, Colin wiping out on the big-wheel thingy and hurting his bottom. He was tough, no way would there be tears with the buddies around. Oh yes, one more thing, before the clubhouse was crowned, I caught them building a fire in the backyard. Lord help me.

Happy Birthday Dad!

April 19th is Dad's 70th birthday, but we celebrated today while my Sister and family were home. We had LOT's of laughs, tons of good food and I know Dad loved his presents. We had steaks on the grill, twice baked potatoes and veggies. Very yummy! Then it was time for presents.

Dad is a HUGE bowler, has been since he was a very young teen. He was in need of a new bowling ball so we all pitched in to give him money for a new ball. He was very excited, said he would pick one out this week while he was at the bowling alley.

He also wanted two "kitchen" items......a milkshake machine and a deep fryer. However Dad wanted the milkshake machine to make lemonade shake-ups. His absolute favorite drink. The deep fryer is for the fish fry's we have. He received both.

Once dinner and presents were over Shelby had enough of the old folks and wanted to go meet her friends at the park. She disappeared and came back looking like this. I know they are in style, but just a little off for the 40 year old Nanny! She does look stinkin cute in them however.

But look who is REALLY cute in them!

If you think that was cute, check out this look!! She is trying to be cool like her teenage daughters, but it just doesn't look the same. We did all crack up.

After a good laugh by all, Dad broke out the milkshake machine to make lemonade shake-ups. He wanted them to be frothy, and this little machine worked perfectly.

Colin was very interested in the machine and how it worked. It's electrical, that's enough.

Dad squeezing the lemons.

And once he fired it up, he realized he put too much water in the mixer and by the look on Shann's face, you can guess what happened. :)

See the froth?

After the excitement of the mixer we decided to have dessert. Dad's favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake. We had a little problem with the shortcake, we had to cut the bottoms off (that butter in them burns fast, catch my drift?). It was still very tasty, Dad loved it. We topped his off with a little bowling ball and pin candle.

Sophie girl wanted strawberry shortcake too.

Once the party was over I found Dad sitting at the table filling his pill container. Guess that's what happens when you reach 70! Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sleep Over

My Sissy is home from Michigan so we can all celebrate our Dad's Birthday this weekend. She is staying with me tonight.....girls sleep over. I got things ready for her.

Flowers in my kitchen........

Flowers in the bathroom and a candle.............

And I'm sure both of these will be consumed here pretty quick.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Weekend for Me

"The cat's away so the mice will play"......that's how I felt this weekend and in this story Colin is the cat and I am the mouse. He was at his Dad's and I just really wanted to Scrapbook. I haven't done that in many months and I missed it. I had high hopes over the Winter to scrapbook as much as possible so I could work towards either getting caught up, or just keeping up. Well, that didn't happen at all and now it's Spring.

Instead of letting that moment ruin me, I took advantage of a free weekend and worked on as many pages as I could, in between all my other chores needing done. I really wanted to scrap this past basketball season before I forgot too much about it. So where I started.

Colin has a buddy over this afternoon and they have come in many times complaining of being hot. Need I say it's only 70 degrees, wait until its 95. I decided it was time to get Kool-Aid man out, a true sign of summer.

Last night I also squeezed in some girlfriend time. Went to Michael's with my scrapbook buddy to see if there was anything we couldn't live without. Darn it, we found a few things. I also found this super cute bird cage I was able to get for $5.00. I love it.

Everything is really blooming here in Illinois. My phlox has budded out and there are bumblebees everywhere! I don't like it, but they are part of Spring as well so I'll leave them alone as long as they leave me alone.

And of course you can't have Spring without these bad boys.

And finally, Mr. Tiger has really loved having all the windows open this weekend. He just can't decide which one he wants to sit in. I find him all over the house in every room throughout the day. In the early afternoon he crawls in Colin's bed for a nap, but before long, he is back sunning himself someplace. I don't blame him.

Happy Sunday!