Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Clubhouse

Colin's Papa came over last weekend to help Colin nail some boards together so he could have his own "clubhouse". Today, I looked in my backyard to see 6 boys running around and before I knew it, the box of wood, became and official..............clubhouse. Complete, with Railroad sign.

Here are the 6 monkeys that turned the clubhouse into a NO GIRLS ALLOWED spot. There is no doubt, this is a guy place. You will soon see why.

Railroad crossing sign....or really just Rail Crossing Tracks.

Boy with bb-gun (not loaded).

Pirate Flag

Cheetos......crumbs are all that's left.

More artillery (still no bullets)

And the most appropriate thing...........caution tape. Beware.

Testosterone at it's finest. Girls wear funny sunglasses and make funny faces. Boys punch.

And finally, Colin wiping out on the big-wheel thingy and hurting his bottom. He was tough, no way would there be tears with the buddies around. Oh yes, one more thing, before the clubhouse was crowned, I caught them building a fire in the backyard. Lord help me.

1 comment:

  1. Where is the big sign that says "NO GIRLS ALLOWED!" Maybe he could take it down when the cousins come. Hee hee. That looks like a movie scene to me. The Cheetos are classic. HAAAA!
    Fire???? I would rather deal with sunglasses that look like bumble bees. HAAAA!!
    The Aunt