Sunday, April 25, 2010

Girlfriends Weekend Away

Two girlfriends and I headed to Michigan this weekend to be with my Sissy for a girlfriend's weekend getaway. We had so much fun, just the birthday club minus one of our sweet friends. She had to back out at the last second because her son broke his nose playing baseball. We still had fun with everyone and my Sissy planned lots of fun things to do.

Saturday morning after a yummy breakfast we headed to the water to South Haven, one of my most favorite places on the earth. Shann and I wanted to share it with Lori and Sharon since they had not been there before. Unfortunately it was a bit rainy and overcast so we couldn't visit the beach as we intended. But we still took some pictures from afar of the beautiful lighthouse. The light was even on, first time I had seen that.

We wanted a picture of us four but no one was around so I propped it up on the hood of my Sister's car on her purse for stability and used the timer. We are a bit crooked, but you get the point.

Since the Spring season is a bit behind here in central Illinois, all of their tulips were still in bloom. Loved these colors.

Here is my Sister, Lori and me!

Shann with some new specs.

We'll leave the light on for ya.

Ooh la la

Today before heading to church we stopped at a greenhouse that was open for the season and it was big and beautiful. There were rows and rows and rows of flowers everywhere. They had flowers I had never seen before and I wanted to take them all home. But since it's early in even our season, I passed. But next time!!!!!!!

Finally I must share with you a present my Sister made for each of us. She was so excited for us to open a present from her when we arrived Friday night, she could barely stand it. She made this adorable picture of the birthday club girls with us all dressed up. Isn't it so cute!

Each of our outfits have something special about ourselves that we enjoy or do. I had a kitty and scrapbooking supplies and Jesus on my heart (and cool chunky shoes...and I'm a bit chunky too). The others had a book, coffee mug (Sissy), Vera purse and cooking utensils. It was so adorable and I will proudly hang it in my Scrap room.
Our time was wonderful, thank you Sissy for a wonderful time as always. I'm ready to come back already. I love you bunches.

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  1. Thank you for coming to see me! We had a good time, didn't we? Soon, we will make more memories together at the beach. When it is warmer for the love of Pete!! You are very welcome. I love you baby sissy. XOXOX