Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Need For Free Time

I'm craving some down time. Work has been extra busy and our week nights have been as well. This weekend my little guy is home with me and we do not have any plans. No baseball games, no commitments, nothing but free time.

Last night Colin asked me what plans we had this weekend and he was just as happy when he heard me say "NOTHING". Funny how even kids crave the need for free time. They get tired of running too. The only crummy part about this weekend is the rain that's coming. Colin really wants to paint his clubhouse but I don't think that will happen.

I've neglected my Etsy shop these days as well. I really want to play in my craft room but I also want to paint my laundry room. I know, call me weird for wanting to paint a room. I guess I would rather waive my fairy wand and "Poof!" have it done, but luckily it's a very small room so it won't take long.

Who knows what this weekend may bring, but all I can say is hurry up and get here because I'm so very ready.

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