Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Visiting Michigan

This past Easter weekend my Mom, Dad, Colin and I headed North to MI to visit my Sissy and her family. We left Friday morning and was welcomed to the sweet smell of barbecue in the backyard from my brother-in-law. He has this smoker thing that he cooks ribs in and it is beyond yummy. He smoked ribs all day long and whenever he opened the door to come in, you had this waft of ribs fill the room. Oh dear, they were so tasty.

Once the meat was smoked Dad helped Mark get them on the grill to lather them in BBQ sauce (my mouth is watering typing this).

Saturday was my Mom's birthday so besides celebrating her special day the kids also decorated Easter Eggs.

Mom with her cupcake birthday cake.

Sunday morning brought Easter and before church the kids had an egg hunt and checked out the goodies in their baskets. If you look closely in this picture you will notice both PaPa and Shelby have chipmunk cheeks full of candy. Shelby was really shoving it in, PaPa just stole a few chocolate eggs from the stash.

I too received a present from the Easter Bunny....this cute little yellow chick sitting in her egg shell. :) Thank you Sissy Easter Bunny!

And guess who got a Nerf gun??

After attending church at my Sister's church we came home for a wonderful Easter lunch. The kids played outside for a bit but then it was time to head home. Our visits are never long enough. I asked Mom and Dad if they wanted to take a detour and see the water (wouldn't be a visit to MI if you didn't see the water) and they said sure. This time we stopped in Sawyer at the Sand Dunes. It was breathtaking like always and I really didn't want to leave. They can however take those snow fences down. They just kind of spoil the mood.

Here is Dad taking pictures on his cell phone. :) Maybe he thought it was pretty too.

Colin immediately kicked off his shoes and put his feet in the sand. Fresh sand from a long winter had not seen foot prints yet. See the circle he made before sitting down?

And that was the end to our visit......

Looking forward to another trip North. They just never last long enough.

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  1. Yum....ribs. And you forgot to mention your rockin potato salad. That was yummo to! :) Come back!!!!!! We miss you!!!!!

    The Big Sis