Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Weekend for Me

"The cat's away so the mice will play"......that's how I felt this weekend and in this story Colin is the cat and I am the mouse. He was at his Dad's and I just really wanted to Scrapbook. I haven't done that in many months and I missed it. I had high hopes over the Winter to scrapbook as much as possible so I could work towards either getting caught up, or just keeping up. Well, that didn't happen at all and now it's Spring.

Instead of letting that moment ruin me, I took advantage of a free weekend and worked on as many pages as I could, in between all my other chores needing done. I really wanted to scrap this past basketball season before I forgot too much about it. So where I started.

Colin has a buddy over this afternoon and they have come in many times complaining of being hot. Need I say it's only 70 degrees, wait until its 95. I decided it was time to get Kool-Aid man out, a true sign of summer.

Last night I also squeezed in some girlfriend time. Went to Michael's with my scrapbook buddy to see if there was anything we couldn't live without. Darn it, we found a few things. I also found this super cute bird cage I was able to get for $5.00. I love it.

Everything is really blooming here in Illinois. My phlox has budded out and there are bumblebees everywhere! I don't like it, but they are part of Spring as well so I'll leave them alone as long as they leave me alone.

And of course you can't have Spring without these bad boys.

And finally, Mr. Tiger has really loved having all the windows open this weekend. He just can't decide which one he wants to sit in. I find him all over the house in every room throughout the day. In the early afternoon he crawls in Colin's bed for a nap, but before long, he is back sunning himself someplace. I don't blame him.

Happy Sunday!

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