Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy, Working Weekend

I knew I had a lot of things to get done during the 3 day weekend, but it ended up being more than planned. But the good part, it all got done and then some.

We started our Friday night with a baseball game (lost again). Saturday morning started all the chores. The linens got washed, Colin cleaned the car inside and out, I planted all my flowers and herbs finally and we had a friend over for dinner.

Everytime I wash my sheets Tiger gets pretty excited when it's time to put them back on the bed. He sees it as a time to hide under the sheets. Romeo thought that was his chance to sniff some cat fur since Tiger didn't see his nose peeking under the sheets always.

Can you see Colin climbing in on one side and Romeo peeking in on the other? Tiger is probably saying "Holy Cow!".

After we worked hard Saturday we had a little rest Sunday. After church Colin had another baseball game however now the temperature in the Midwest is 92 degrees. Way too hot for a baseball game, but the boys played anyway. We lost again, but Colin got some great hits.

Romeo came to the game and we sat in the shade the whole time, except for when I wanted some pictures and he watched as well. I'm pretty certain he could hear Colin's voice.

Sunday night Dad came over and after mowing, we finished planting the garden. So far she looks really good. I'm very excited about it and hope it doesn't get flooded out like last year.

I took a vacation day Monday from work and cleaned my whole house, top to bottom. It felt so good to have it spic-and-span. May only last until today, but at least it was clean. After Colin got home from school look whole chilled with him. And look who appears to be jealous that must sit on the floor?

Last night we played in the yard for a bit before bedtime. There was a small storm forming but the rays of light in front of the clouds were beautiful. I just love clouds.

Romeo was taking it all in too.

Looking forward to another 3 day weekend coming up. This one will be even better because my Sissy is coming home and we are celebrating her birthday and my nieces birthday. Lot's of parties going on!

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  1. I be there soon!!! XOXOXO
    The Almost Older Sis