Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dog + Baseball = No Time

Because of the two "major" things going on in my life right now.....Romeo and Baseball........I'm feeling overwhelmed. Mom before you tell me "I told you so about the dog", I'll be fine. I would be overwhelmed without Romeo.

I was getting down on my drive to work today and just as I was driving under a bridge in another town it hit me. It was as if God said "You-who....wake up and stop this pitty party".
*****I realized how grateful I am to have dirty floors to clean because of Romeo that was brought into our lives.
*****I realized how grateful I am to have a son that may cause extra work, but I wouldn't give it up for anything in this world.
*****I realized how grateful I am to have a son that loves sports and he is mine, all mine.
*****I realized how grateful I am to have a dirty house to clean, and dirty clothes to wash that we can wear, and dirty dishes that mean we have food to eat.

*****I thanked God right then for my dirty floors, dirty house, laundry, baseball games and all the fur balls a person would ever need (to create another cat that is).

So I put on my big girl panties and went to work with a smile on my face knowing every bit of that work would get done. And if it didn't all happen tonight, or tomorrow night, it would still get done. So instead of scrubbing my floors, I'm adding this post. Because why kill myself, right? HA!
I have been productive tonight as the rain continues to come down. My puppy dog enjoyed laying in the kitchen while I did all the previous dishes, supper dishes and more dishes. He looked out the screen door and chewed on his rawhide.

He is still being a good boy with the kitties. Everyone is more at ease around the house, but every now and then he gets a wild hair and can't contain himself and will start to run towards them. Here he is looking at me because he sees Tiger laying on my bed and thinking "Can I please go after him?".

Wouldn't you be dying to get this? I mean come-on, he gets to lay on my bed! Notice how it isn't made? Yeah, that needs done too.

And the other sleeping beauty. I really wish I was a cat these days. (Aren't my sheets cute?)

Well I better get back to the laundry room. Just about another hour and another evening has slipped away. Even though I'm sick of this rain in the Midwest, I am hoping for just one more day of it so our baseball game will get rained out tomorrow night. Shhh....don't tell the coach.

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  1. Awww! Your furry babies are so cute! You have a good way of looking at the beautiful "messes" in your house. And, those sheets are the bomb!!! :)
    Lovie you!
    The Almost Older Big Sis XOXOX