Monday, May 10, 2010

Dog is cats dead yet

Our Mother's Day weekend with Romeo turned out very well. As the days went by he was better with the kitty cats, no one lost their lives (including Romeo). I think he is learning we are all here to stay, so we must get along.

I must share something cute on a daily calendar I have. Becky Kelly is the artist and she has the cutest drawings. Well I was gone until Friday the 7th and forgot to tear off the missing days until Saturday. Look what was on May 7th, the day we brought Romeo home! I believe it's a sign from God. There have been lots of them, I believe all reassuring us that Romeo was the one chosen for us.

I made a little set of decorations on my table with that stuck in a flower frog and this little dog that belonged to my Grandma Mac. Not a Romeo, but still cute.

Mom and Colin had peonies waiting for me when I got home from my trip. My Sister's favorite color but since she is allllllll the way in Michigan, I got the bunch. Sorry Sis! :)

On Sunday after church we all went to go see Grandma in the Nursing Home. They had her dressed up, here hair was pretty and she had a corsage since she was a Mother. Isn't she beautiful? The Nursing Home had a tea party with cake. She enjoyed seeing us all.

After the party Colin wanted to push her back to her room. For some reason he thought it was pretty cool. I guarantee the kid in him wanted to go running down the hall with Grandma to see how fast he could go, but he contained himself. :)

Here was our table at home decorated for Mom and Dad. Dad planned the whole Mother's Day dinner and cooked it all. He even bought dessert! He wasn't even taking care of his Mom, but he did all of the work for Mom and me.

Man of the grill.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day if you are a Mom. I had a great weekend with all of my kids.....even the 4 legged ones.

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  1. Boo Hooooooo!! :( I missed the party. Sniff Sniff.....