Sunday, May 16, 2010

First Full Week with Romeo

We all survived our first week as a family with Romeo in it. Romeo and the kitties are getting along much, much better. They can all be together in one room without any barking, jumping or running. That is a blessing, believe me.

Here are some pictures of Colin Friday night with his groovy glasses on.

Romeo trying to look out the bay window.

Is he tall like a human being or what? He is as tall as Colin and I can basically dance with him if he stands up. Crazy I tell ya.

Later in the evening Colin had a baseball game so I took Romeo with us. Mom went too so we sat in the van with her for a little bit so Romeo could rest. He is definitely a kid magnet. Luckily he loves people and was a very good boy around everyone. I had lots of boys say "Cool dog". Made me smile. :)

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