Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Many times I look forward to this weekend because it's a 3 day holiday, it marks the beginning of summer and we have my Sister and Niece's Birthday to celebrate. Too many times I forget the real meaning of this holiday and that is to be thankful and honor the Men and Women that have served for our country.

I thank all of you from the past, present and future yet to come that have protected me and my land. I thank you for giving up your family so I can feel safe with mine. I thank you for keeping me safe while you risk your own life, any many times lose your life. I thank you and in return I promise to pray for your continual safety. I will never forget nor take for granted this wonderful country we have because of you.

May God bless and protect you with his most gracious and comforting arms.

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