Saturday, May 15, 2010

My International Friends

Today my two friends from China graduated from the University of Illinois. Both of them received a Master in Finance. The U of I has the #1 Finance College in the world, I suppose that is why they came to our country to receive their education.

I was introduced to Vincent and Angela through the International Student Ministries at the U of I. Both of them are wonderful individuals and are loving life in the States. I am so proud of them for coming here, broken English, left their parents and all of this to pursue a better education. I know I would never have the courage to do those things, and they did it with flying colors.

I attend their ceremony however it was impossible to find them in this mess of students. They all looked the same from where I was sitting. Their parents flew here from China to watch their children graduate. I was able to visit with Angela's Father because he spoke English but her Mom and Vincent's parents did not speak any English. They didn't need to speak in order to see the love and feelings of pride coming over them.

After the ceremony we all met outside for pictures. Here is Angela's Mom giving her a big hug.

This is Angela and Vincent. This is their American names. Angela's Dad asked me what Vincent's American name was because he did not know. They are friends from China and along with a few other classmates, they all came to the U of I together to receive their Masters.

Here is Angela with her Mom and Dad. Such a sweet family. She is an only child since you are only allowed one child in China due to the population issues.

Here is Vincent with his Mom and Dad. Another sweet family.

It was a fun day watching them live out their dream of graduation. It's been 16 years ago, but I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. I loved watching all of the students excited about graduation day and wondering what lies ahead for all of them. Vincent and Angela may stay in the States if they are able to find a job. I couldn't imagine being that far away from my parents, but I guess you must set your child free.
I know the three of us will keep in touch. I believe God brought them into my life for a reason. They have been a blessing to me, and to know they are from the other side of the world is truly amazing. Funny how He works like that. :)

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