Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our First Night

We made it through our first night, but this Mama is still tired. Romeo did very well sleeping in his crate, cried a bit when we first put him to bed but around 10:30 he settled down. I finally heard him bark too. We all slept until 5:00am when Tiger decided to go check him out in his cage and I was awaken to the loudest "WOOF" and my cat came flying into my bedroom. I had to laugh even if it was 5:00am. Well then I couldn't fall back asleep and I was afraid he needed to go potty so I got up.

He was VERY excited to see me and to hear good morning. We immediately went outside to potty and he had lots of energy. I on the other hand needed coffee. We played for awhile and he ran like the wind, full force. He played with all of his toys and just smelled the air (the nice cold 40 degree air).

By 6:30 I was cold and needed to come inside. Colin knew we were up and he got up too. Neither one of us could get Romeo to come indoors. I think he was afraid he would go back to his crate. After bribing him with a treat he came inside and has been a good boy ever since.

He has only jumped at Tiger one time this morning but he has been an excellent listener. We'll keep after him but I do think he will be fine with his two siblings.

Colin is so anxious to take him for a walk. It's just so darn chilly here in the Midwest but regardless we'll get bundled up and head out. It's only 8:30am and I feel like 1/2 the day is gone since we were up so early. Maybe everyone can take a little nappy later. :)

Here is a favorite position for Romeo. Butt in the air, front paws down low....ready to pounce. I think he actually has more energy than Colin. Now I have 2 people to wear me out.



  2. Oh he is so so cute!! I love the first one with his toy. Can't wait to meet the little booger! :) XOXO
    The Aunt