Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our New Family Member

After much thinking, praying, thinking, praying........we have decided to get a dog. I know one (or maybe more) of my girlfriends are saying I'm crazy. But I'm only crazy in love with a big furry Australian Shepherd named Romeo.

I've been looking at the Aussie Rescue system for many months and a couple months ago I decided to complete an application for approval. I was approved and then the search began. It has been a slow process however I knew that God would send us the right dog at the right time. This cute guy was going to be put down at the pound but the Aussie Rescue stepped in and took him over and that is how we found him.

Today we went to meet him in person however we both already loved him before we could even pet him. The foster Mom has cats (and chickens) and Romeo doesn't bother them at all. My Tiger and Calleigh are forever grateful. Let's just continue to pray he acts the same way around indoor cats.

He is so extremely lovable, he is actually called a Velcro Aussie because he likes to stick by your side. I think he had a little boy in his previous life because he sure loved Colin. Colin ran and played with him at his Foster Mom's house and Romeo did so well with Colin.

It was very hard watching his Foster Mom put him back in his cage when we left. Colin just stood and talked to him and we both told him we would be back Saturday. He must still go to the vet to make sure he is all healthy. We'll continue our prayers for a clean bill of health. And then, he will come home.

Here is a short video of Colin playing with him. Colin just told me his nickname will be "Romo". We'll have plenty of more pictures next weekend. What a perfect Mother's Day present to me (and an 11 year old boy that's been waiting 11 years for a dog).


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