Monday, May 31, 2010

Party all Weekend Long

It was definitely a party kind of weekend at our place this weekend. We had two birthday's to celebrate and one 8th grade graduation to commence. The parties started out Saturday afternoon at my home for the Birthday Club Gathering to celebrate my Sissy's birthday.

Yummy peanut butter/chocolate cupcakes.

This was going to be the first time my Sister and family would be meeting Romeo and Colin was so excited waiting for them. I caught them sitting by the front door when Colin knew they were getting very close.

Romeo attend the girls only party and he was a very good gentleman (except for the butt sniffing he constantly did. But hey, he was with all girls). Here he is trying to lay in my lap.

Calleigh came out of hiding to attend the party as well.

Shann with her cuppy-cake.
After our girls party was over we all went to Mom and Dad's for Taylor's Birthday party. She ordered a fish fry so Papa came through. We sat in the garage with him to watch him do all the cooking while Taylor opened her presents.

Tee-tee really wanted a funky pair of sunglasses so Colin helped me pick a pair out. It think we did well, don't you?

Shann opened some presents too for her birthday. She got lots of sewing things and items for her garden.

Even Shelby got some presents for her 8th grade graduation. A cool new purse from Nana and Papa (with money inside).

After good food and presents it was time for dessert. It was hard but we crammed 12 candles on Taylor's cupcake.

Sunday afternoon we all decided to take Romeo to meet Grandma in the Nursing Home. Grandma LOVES animals so we knew she would like to meet Romeo, and she did. She was in bed taking a nap but we woke her up. After everyone said their hellos she finally noticed Romeo standing by her bed. She smiled so big.

He gave her lots of kisses on her hand.

Then he quietly laid his head down on her bed.

And when he was tired, he laid down on the floor so we could all visit. He is such a good puppy-dog......I do love him.

On our final day before our long weekend is over it will be time to say good-bye once again to my sister and family as they head home to Michigan. Colin and I are taking Romeo to PetSmart for a bath and some new toys. While he is getting cleaned up, we will shop for a bit and then our family will come home to rest for the remainder of our holiday.
I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. What types of parties did you have?

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