Friday, May 7, 2010

We made it home

Romeo is home with us......I believe we'll have some adjusting to do with the ole' kitty cats. I can tell my two are way too interested in Romeo for him to ignore. So far no hissing, but Romeo was ready to chase. Hopefully, calm will come throughout our home and we can be one bigger happy family.

Before I left for my trip to DC we made sure the home was ready for Romeo. I picked him up this evening once I got off the airplane so everything had to be ready. The cats were already wondering what all the new toys were about, and the big cage. Guess who had to try it out?

Romeo was very excited when he saw me tonight. I'm hoping he knew he was going home. His Foster Mom had given him a bath and he was so clean (and even had a bow in his hair.....that Colin promptly took out once we got home). He did very well for a 2 hour car drive home. Many times he sat up looking out the window and when his eyes grew heavy, he would lie down to nap.

I love this one. :)

We took Romeo inside with his leash on so we could help control any cat fights. This is what we saw when we walked in. I'm sure they were thinking "What in the heck is that?!"

Tiger of course had to get up close and personal.

After the introductions were over Colin took him outside to run. I don't think this poor dog had been able to run free in months. And boy, could he hoof it! He ran so fast I couldn't believe it.

He played hard with Colin and started to play too rough. One thing we'll need to teach him, how to be gentle. But he was just so excited to be outdoors and to run free.

Getting some lovin' from Grandma.

Rough-housing it with Papa.

It's been a long day for me. I'm ready to go rest and sit with my new family member. Hopefully we will all sleep well tonight. But I have a feeling the cats will be up all night watching you know who.

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  1. He is cute and I can't believe Tiger didn't run and hide. Colin looks ecstatic! Enjoy