Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baseball Comes to an End

Baseball season is almost over. We have our last game Friday night before we go into tournaments. I'm ready for it to be over only so we can have our evenings back. It's not much fun to work all day, go to the park all night and only come home to go straight to bed. But anytime a sport season comes to an end, it's a little sad.

Colin LOVES sports so it's good for him to play, be active, hang out with his buddies and be around his coaches. He's played a great season as Short Stop and finally started hitting the ball about mid-way through the season. He told me one night after a game, "I finally figured out what it means to keep your eye on the ball". :) Glad he knows how to do it. I'm not much help there.

Here is his team after one of our most recent games. The coaches have started bribing the boys by promising them ice cream if they win. Well, it works. We've won 5 games in a row and I'm sure it's financially breaking their bank. They better change their bribe to bubble gum.

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