Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Father's Day Early

Colin and I will be on vacation already when Father's Day comes around this Sunday. I hate missing holidays that I would spend with my family, but this one can't be helped. I made dinner for Dad last night since we couldn't be together on Sunday.

I love my Dad very much and so does Colin. Colin tells me often how much he loves his PaPa. Dad has been a very, very good influence in his life since he doesn't a male role model there everyday. Dad took Colin under his wing after my divorce and never let go.

Here's Dad playing the drums for fun. He played them in High School, think he was trying to see how much he remembered.

Here is Dad with my sister and I. I'm the baby on the left. My sister is laughing at something. :)

And here we are a few years ago at a bowling alley. My Dad has had a bowling ball in his hands since he was probably 8 years old and has never stopped playing since. He is a fabulous bowler, wish he could have gone pro. It is a love of his for sure.

Sorry Dad I can't celebrate Father's Day with you in person. I'll be thinking of you from D.C. I love you bunches.

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