Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Saturday

Our Saturday started out by taking a trip to our vet. Romeo needed to get in to see our vet since we had not done that yet since his adoption. I had a list of questions for the Doc and he was able to answer all of them. Romeo received a clean bill of health and the Dr. laughed when he listened to his heart because he said it was very "athletic". I on the other hand would not receive the same diagnosis. But maybe after running after my bow-wow for a few more months, it will help me out.

The Vet visit wore Romeo out, he went potty on the vet's floor and on the sidewalk outside the vet's office. Oh well, I'm sure he isn't the only one that has done that before. From there Colin and I went North to the big city for a little shopping. We have our vacation coming up soon (tell you about that later) and he needed some clothes. Colin actually tolerated the shopping well until I walked into the purse section at Kohl's. He was trying to get me out of there so he started calling me like he does Romeo....."Come here, want a treat?". Crazy kid.

We made it home just before a thunderstorm rolled through which I'm sure made Romeo happy that we made it home. I can tell he does not like storms, but neither do Colin and I so he fits in well. Colin started a bit of packing for his trip. It's going to be a crazy week between baseball tournaments, work, packing and trying to get things in order before we leave.

Gotta play more with that camera too!

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