Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Treat

We had something very "sweet" come to our neighborhood last night......The Ice Cream Truck! It's new to our town so it was a fun surprise. Colin and I were outside with Romeo and all of a sudden we heard the ice cream music singing from his van. It was a couple blocks away and on the other side of our railroad tracks. We could see him going up and down the streets but he was too far away for us to yell.

About the time he started heading our direction a train came and temporarily blocked the tracks. Colin scaled our fence to search for him and was ready to wave his arms if the truck got close enough.

Romeo had no idea what was going on but he was going to look too. :)

"Colin, what in the world are you doing up there?"

"Waiting for that Ice Cream Man to come this way."

And all of a sudden, from across the tracks, he appeared! (Colin did wave him down, and maybe did a bit of yelling and screaming, but ice cream calls for desperate measures)

I grabbed $5.00 thinking that would be plenty for ice cream, well it wasn't enough to get what I REALLY wanted, but that's OK. Next time! Look at all the goodies he had! I almost wanted to get the Spongebob thingy because I thought it was so cool looking, but I passed.

$5.00 later he drove away playing his ice cream songs. I sure hope he makes it back to our neighborhood again this summer. That was a classic reminder of my summer as a little girl. Everyone deserves to experience the Ice Cream man in their neighborhood.

Here is my goodie.

And here is Colin's goodie. Romeo, got a small bite of ice cream minus any chocolate. Can't have a sick bow-wow.

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