Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wasington DC

Won't be long now, Colin and I will be heading to DC. I haven't told you about the reason we are going. In the 4th grade Colin was nominated by his teacher based on leadership skills for this program. People to People International was founded by President Dwight Eisenhower and continues to be run by his Granddaughter. It is a national program but kids can travel globally to many different states and countries. Since Colin was nominated for leadership, he will be going to Washington D.C. I'm a bit proud as a Mom and I hope he grasps this opportunity and not only learns from it while seeing some great leaders in work, but I hope it also strengthens him as a young man.

Colin's agenda while with his group is packed full. He will be seeing many of our nation's monuments, Arlington Cemetery, Capitol Hill, Gettysburg and many museums. He will be busy from sun up to sun down. I'm hoping all of these activities will keep him busy and not missing me. We've been separated many times before, but he has always been with family. I've been saying lots of prayers that he meets a few new buddies and just enjoys his time away. As I told him, you get to stay in a hotel room with 2 other boys...with no adults....ENJOY it!
I will be flying to DC with him and while he is away, I'll do my own sightseeing. At first I wasn't really looking forward to it, but now I am. There is so much to do in our Great Nation, I will be busy and walking my fanny off. Shall we take a vote on how many pictures I will take with my new camera? Let's just say this, I will be buying some external memory tonight before I leave because my little PC won't hold them. :)

Talk to you soon!!!


  1. Have fun!! Be safe!! Don't talk to weird looking strangers!! Tell the President hi from me. Tell him sorry about that kid who slept during his graduation speech in Michigan. :) Eat something new while there!! Take lots of pictures!!! Have fun!!! I will missy you! XOXOX Your Sis

  2. Ali I will miss you bunches. Travel safe. Enjoy the time away.I will be here to hear all the exciting adventures you encounter. Colin promised me a DC postcard.Most of all be careful. I love you both.....Mom & Nana

  3. Hi Ali! So nice to hear from you. I loved meeting your sister! I have heard of the People to People program but never knew anyone personally who has done it so I'll be interested in hearing how you felt about it when you get home. Have a wonderful time!