Saturday, July 31, 2010

Craft Show

A friend of mine asked me if I would like to join her in a craft sale. I was excited but nervous because I've never really made a large quantity of items. But I thought "why not"! I've been busy making all kinds of goodies. I haven't taken any pictures, maybe I will later to show you.
Hope you are having a fun weekend. What are you playing with?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Friday

Another week has come and gone. Another week closer to the end of summer and school starting. I know summer isn't officially over when school starts, but it sure feels like it in my book. On my way home from work today I actually saw corn starting to brown. The first signs of that make me sick. I love fall, but I don't want what comes after that.

So with my desire still for summer, here are some random pictures.
Petunias on my front porch.

Colin mowing the lawn on his new love. I kid you not, this child would sleep on his mower if I let him.

A beautiful sunset I saw the other evening from my craft room. When I saw it out my window I had to grab my camera. Love the pinks.....and so would my sissy.

The other evening in the blazing heat Colin went outside to play. He was outside for a good 45 minutes when he came in. He told me to get my camera, he had pictures for the blog.
He had gotten the garden wagon out, made a hitch out of items on his tool bench, put the push mower on top of the wagon and tied it all up. He was VERY proud of his accomplishment and had to show me. I'm not sure the hitch will last very long, so I mentioned this only because I didn't want him driving to PaPa's and all of a sudden he looses his wagon. So I left him to figure things out and later he came to report he found a stronger chain and made a better hitch. Good boy.

And finally a picture from tonight. I went out to the poo-poo garden I told you about earlier and look what it brought! A bucket full of tomatoes and a bounty of green peppers. It may be ugly, but it's producing! I felt better about the poor little pathetic plot of land.'s off to play. Colin is playing too, so I might as well play. Romeo just got a new rawhide bone so he is content for hours. Oh yes, one more random thing about this week. We had our last doggie obedience class last night and Romeo got in a fight with a classmate. He got detention. Good thing it was our last class.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Funny Sign

My Sissy has a post on her blog about a funny sign she saw while driving with my niece. Well I have a funny sign for you too. I saw this one evening while walking Romeo. The sign was in the grass of our courthouse building.

Grrrrrrrr, bark, woof to you too.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Poo-Poo Garden

I am so disappointed in my garden this year. Weeds have taken over, the rain is killing everything and it's just plain ugly. I couldn't dare take a picture of it to show you because it's so embarrassing and depressing. For the last 2 years I have gotten so excited about gardening and both years it has been Poo-Poo! I wish the above picture was my garden. :(

Dad and I agreed we need to fertilize it because the location is not the greatest. It is also in a low spot in my yard so with all of the rain we've been getting, it just gets drowned out. The only thing that does grow are the stupid weeds. Now they are so far out of control it's a daunting task to weed and I'm just plain stinken mad at the whole kit and caboodle that I can't bring myself to even try.
I did go look at it last night and we had cherry and Roma tomatoes ready. I picked them all and right now I'm roasting them. Maybe it will make me feel better about my garden. I guess there is always next year. (I sound like a cubs fan)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ice Cream Calling

Colin and I wanted ice cream so we took Romeo and headed to Dairy Queen. The lady at the window offered Romeo a "doggy bowl" of ice cream so we took it. He loved it and woofed it down. As Colin put it "he ate that ice cream faster than Shelby". Shelby is my niece that LOVES ice cream. I guess Romeo does too.

He's getting a little messy.

I took this picture while driving home from Michigan with my phone. Colin is reclined in the seat watching his portable DVD player and Romeo is chilling out too. I thought it was very cute.

Summer is grand with a dog.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I finally took some time to play and I made a few more things for my Etsy Shop. I just love paper and especially the extra cute stuff available to buy these days. Now if I could only get busy and scrapbook!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach Post #2

So here we are, back at the beach in Michigan. Saturday morning my Sissy and I got up and started packing our picnic for the beach. We had sandwiches, chips, brownies, and some candy. Healthy food!

Taylor and Colin sitting in the back-seat watching a movie while in route to the beach. Is Taylor totally cool or what?

We decided to visit a state park to play at their beach. It was very nice. I love walking down the path to the beaches and how all of a sudden....the water just appears out of no-where. Love it, simply love it. Look at Colin's massive dump-truck he is carrying. You need something big to haul all that sand.

Uncle Mark hauling the cooler with all our goodies.

And there is the water!!! :)

Here is Aunt Shann at our beach site...isn't it pretty? We've got a lot of loot, don't we? :)

Taylor Kay digging in the sand.

Big waves.

Colin sitting in the hole he dug (with Uncle Mark's leg in the picture too).

Aunt Shann and Uncle Mark

After hours at the beach the adults decided it was time to pack up and head home. Colin was super disappointed, but we had 2 puppy-dogs back home needing to have a potty break. So we said our goodbyes to the water and headed home. We drove through South Haven and along the way we passed a Blueberry Farm that Colin and I discovered last year while vacationing in South Haven.

We all decided to stop and pick some berries quickly. All of us love Blueberries and by golly, they taste a whole lot better when you pick them yourself. Not to mention they are much, much cheaper.

Everyone sampled the berries a bunch while we picked. Colin actually climbed inside the bushes because the big fat berries where high up top. Aunt Shann needed her apron because she didn't have a bucket to put them in. Instead she used her beach cover-up. Like her chick sunglasses?

Monster berry.

By the time we were done, we picked over 5 pounds of berries and it only cost us $7.00. I have mine all clean and in the freezer, ready for whatever blueberry goodies I may desire.

Once we left the patch we headed to the famous Sherman's ice cream dairy bar for ice cream. While everyone ate their treat we drove to see our favorite house in South Haven. It is huge, just like her hydrangea bushes in the front yard. The back of their home looks out over Lake Michigan ( you can sort of see it in the right side of the picture). This is just one small corner of this mansion. Oh how I would LOVE to live here.

A bit later we ended up home and I then discovered I had a slight sunburn. I think the cool breeze at the beach blew my sunscreen away when I sprayed it on. The tops of my knees got burnt and they did not feel well. We chilled out the rest of the evening, made popcorn and watched Colin's "Dirty Jobs" DVD (from the Discovery Channel). A very fun day.
One thing I love while visiting my Sissy are our mornings together. We are usually up before the kids and Uncle Mark so we have sister time. Now that Romeo is part of our visits he gets to be with the girls. He is usually rowdy after sleeping all night and provides great entertainment for the both of us. Here he is sitting on my bed, with his favorite monkey toy. The toy we bought the 4th of July weekend while visiting my Sister. I think he remembers his Aunt Shann and that's why he loves his monkey so much. :)

As you can see, it was another awesome visit to Michigan. I can't believe one year ago I made my very first visit to MI when Colin and I found South Haven. I couldn't afford a trip to Florida so I settled on the beach in Michigan. Little did I know 6 months later my Sister would move there and about 15 visits later, it would be my most favorite state.

I'm telling ya, you gotta go if you haven't already.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're Home...Sand and all

The trip was short but loads of fun. Everyone had so much fun at the beach, we brought home plenty of sand to prove it. I'm super tired, will post more hopefully tomorrow but here are a couple pictures. Thanks Sissy for another fun weekend to MI!

Thursday, July 15, 2010 we come!

You will probably say, "Are you kidding?", but we are going to Michigan again tomorrow. It will be a shorter visit with my Sissy and family, but it will so be worth it. Saturday we are all heading to South Haven to the beach. I can't wait. It's been almost exactly one year since we were last there. Well, we have been there since then but it was freezing cold and Lake Michigan was frozen over. Not this time baby! It's gonna be sunny and warm.

I already know Colin will be doing lots of this.....

And I'm sure plenty of this too.....

We will see a few of these.....

And hopefully eat some of this too...........

And I know I will definitely be doing this.......

Have a great weekend, hope you enjoy yours as much as I will mine! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Guess who got a bath tonight?

First time I have given him one (paid the groomers the first time).

He was a very good boy.

Guess who also got a bath while giving him one?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lawn Mower

The day before we left on our DC trip, Colin was with my parents because I didn't have a babysitter. Colin called me at work in the mid afternoon so excited, yelling into the phone, I couldn't even understand him. After getting him calmed down I heard "Papa bought me a law mower!!!". I couldn't get the whole story until I got home, but when I pulled into Mom and Dad's driveway, I see Colin sitting on this mower.
The story goes ........ Mom was out, spotted a mower for sale, called Dad and told him to go check it out. $50.00 later, Dad bought the thing. It needed a new starter (I think), but looked good otherwise. And so, it came home with Dad.
Colin has wanted to start his own mowing business since last year. I'm all for the little entrepreneur, but a mowing business?!?! All I can envision is this Mama picking up the slack because Colin-boy gets sick of it before the summer comes to an end. And I HATE mowing! However, it's perfectly fine to let him dream of this business now that he has a mower. The deal is, he must mow Nana and Papa's lawn since they bought this for him. Oh yes, he must mow our lawn too. :) He needs all the practice he can get. I do the trimming which is a very, very hard job.
I'll let you guess from the rest of these pictures how excited Colin is. I guess it's like getting your first set of wheels.

Oh yes and one more thing. My Dad rides his bicycle next to Colin so he can drive the mower around the neighborhood. Now is that love or what? You wouldn't catch me dead doing that.

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July in Michigan

Well they are a little late, but here are some pictures from our 4th of July weekend in Michigan. Mom, Dad, Colin, Romeo and I headed out Saturday morning for my Sister's home. This was Romeo's first long car ride and he did very well. We were greeted at my Sister's home by the whole family and the neighbor's dog, Oliver.

Romeo and Oliver played together for quite some time but Romeo was at a disadvantage, he had to be left on his leash. He has not learned to stay with us so I couldn't trust him. Didn't want our pooch to get lost in Michigan. I'm sure he was jealous of Oliver since he could run and chase his ball. Maybe next time Romeo.

After visiting for a bit we headed out to a little farmer's market not far from their home. Michigan fruit wasn't quite ready, but their blueberries were just starting to get ripe. Here is the little container I bought and we all ate off of them throughout the weekend. I can't wait to go back and get more.

Papa enjoying some rest. He doesn't do this often, but we all took care of him so he could sit and be lazy and enjoy Mark's company.

It is a tradition in our family to have homemade Carmel corn on the 4th of July. Usually my Mom makes it but she too was resting so she taught my Sissy how to make it. It was Yum-O!

Romeo, "Do you think they will notice if I sneak a piece?"

On our way to Michigan, Colin quickly remembered all of the firework stores in Indiana and asked if we could please stop and buy some. So we did. The bow-wows did not enjoy the firework show. Sophie was a bit deaf to it, she was more keeping an eye on the big-guy behind her.

We did have one scary event happen while at Aunt Shann's. Right before we sat down to dinner the kids noticed Romeo was acting real funny. Shelby yelled out "Romeo is choking". I ran over and saw him digging his front paws into his mouth. Before long there was blood on his paws. All the adults were surrounding him and I just didn't know what to do. He didn't look like he was choking or gashing for air. Uncle Mark was next to me trying to see what was going on and finally Aunt Shann yelled out "Mark, you gotta open his mouth and get it out". I pryed his jaws open and Mark reached in. Romeo had a treat lodged between the roof of his mouth. It was a chewy treat, but long enough it was stuck between his teeth. That is why he was digging with his claws at it. I was so grateful to have Uncle Mark there to help me. Colin started crying, and we all took a huge sigh of relief. Romeo hung out next to me for quite awhile after that Poor doggy.

Now for the funny part. We didn't know how Romeo got this treat because I had only given him one since we were there. We assumed he just didn't eat all of it and came back later for the left overs. Once we settled down and sat down to eat our now cold supper, we all looked up and saw Sophie walking into the kitchen with this......Romeo's treats.

One of the dogs got into my bag and they were helping themselves to the treats. There were 7 of these treats (Denta Sticks) and only two were left. I'm pretty sure it was Romeo but then Sophie caught wind of what was going on and decided to help herself.

What made this so funny was the way Sophie was carrying her treat. She had the whole treat hanging out of the side of her mouth like a big fat cigar. And she just walked so slowly like she was the Queen of Dog Treats. It was immediate, we all looked at each other and burst into laughter. It was so hilarious. So here is Sophie with her treat and a little caption Colin wanted to add. I'm still laughing. :)

Here are some more funny pictures from our day. Super groovy glasses, worn by all.

One cool pooch!

While visiting his Aunt Shann's, Romeo helped himself to cousin Sophie's dog toys. We found out he liked stuffed toys because he loved her squeaky carrot. Shann and I ran to Petco and I bought some new toys for Romeo. He liked his stuffed Monkey best and kept it by his side at all times.

At night we headed to Battlecreek to watch the fireworks. They were awesome, much better than our small towns. Some trees were blocking our view, but there were still wonderful.

Monday morning after breakfast it was time to head home. Traffic was terrible and we decided we better head out. Shann took a picture of us before we left. I always hate leaving her. :( We'll be back soon!