Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July in Michigan

Well they are a little late, but here are some pictures from our 4th of July weekend in Michigan. Mom, Dad, Colin, Romeo and I headed out Saturday morning for my Sister's home. This was Romeo's first long car ride and he did very well. We were greeted at my Sister's home by the whole family and the neighbor's dog, Oliver.

Romeo and Oliver played together for quite some time but Romeo was at a disadvantage, he had to be left on his leash. He has not learned to stay with us so I couldn't trust him. Didn't want our pooch to get lost in Michigan. I'm sure he was jealous of Oliver since he could run and chase his ball. Maybe next time Romeo.

After visiting for a bit we headed out to a little farmer's market not far from their home. Michigan fruit wasn't quite ready, but their blueberries were just starting to get ripe. Here is the little container I bought and we all ate off of them throughout the weekend. I can't wait to go back and get more.

Papa enjoying some rest. He doesn't do this often, but we all took care of him so he could sit and be lazy and enjoy Mark's company.

It is a tradition in our family to have homemade Carmel corn on the 4th of July. Usually my Mom makes it but she too was resting so she taught my Sissy how to make it. It was Yum-O!

Romeo, "Do you think they will notice if I sneak a piece?"

On our way to Michigan, Colin quickly remembered all of the firework stores in Indiana and asked if we could please stop and buy some. So we did. The bow-wows did not enjoy the firework show. Sophie was a bit deaf to it, she was more keeping an eye on the big-guy behind her.

We did have one scary event happen while at Aunt Shann's. Right before we sat down to dinner the kids noticed Romeo was acting real funny. Shelby yelled out "Romeo is choking". I ran over and saw him digging his front paws into his mouth. Before long there was blood on his paws. All the adults were surrounding him and I just didn't know what to do. He didn't look like he was choking or gashing for air. Uncle Mark was next to me trying to see what was going on and finally Aunt Shann yelled out "Mark, you gotta open his mouth and get it out". I pryed his jaws open and Mark reached in. Romeo had a treat lodged between the roof of his mouth. It was a chewy treat, but long enough it was stuck between his teeth. That is why he was digging with his claws at it. I was so grateful to have Uncle Mark there to help me. Colin started crying, and we all took a huge sigh of relief. Romeo hung out next to me for quite awhile after that Poor doggy.

Now for the funny part. We didn't know how Romeo got this treat because I had only given him one since we were there. We assumed he just didn't eat all of it and came back later for the left overs. Once we settled down and sat down to eat our now cold supper, we all looked up and saw Sophie walking into the kitchen with this......Romeo's treats.

One of the dogs got into my bag and they were helping themselves to the treats. There were 7 of these treats (Denta Sticks) and only two were left. I'm pretty sure it was Romeo but then Sophie caught wind of what was going on and decided to help herself.

What made this so funny was the way Sophie was carrying her treat. She had the whole treat hanging out of the side of her mouth like a big fat cigar. And she just walked so slowly like she was the Queen of Dog Treats. It was immediate, we all looked at each other and burst into laughter. It was so hilarious. So here is Sophie with her treat and a little caption Colin wanted to add. I'm still laughing. :)

Here are some more funny pictures from our day. Super groovy glasses, worn by all.

One cool pooch!

While visiting his Aunt Shann's, Romeo helped himself to cousin Sophie's dog toys. We found out he liked stuffed toys because he loved her squeaky carrot. Shann and I ran to Petco and I bought some new toys for Romeo. He liked his stuffed Monkey best and kept it by his side at all times.

At night we headed to Battlecreek to watch the fireworks. They were awesome, much better than our small towns. Some trees were blocking our view, but there were still wonderful.

Monday morning after breakfast it was time to head home. Traffic was terrible and we decided we better head out. Shann took a picture of us before we left. I always hate leaving her. :( We'll be back soon!

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