Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach Post #2

So here we are, back at the beach in Michigan. Saturday morning my Sissy and I got up and started packing our picnic for the beach. We had sandwiches, chips, brownies, and some candy. Healthy food!

Taylor and Colin sitting in the back-seat watching a movie while in route to the beach. Is Taylor totally cool or what?

We decided to visit a state park to play at their beach. It was very nice. I love walking down the path to the beaches and how all of a sudden....the water just appears out of no-where. Love it, simply love it. Look at Colin's massive dump-truck he is carrying. You need something big to haul all that sand.

Uncle Mark hauling the cooler with all our goodies.

And there is the water!!! :)

Here is Aunt Shann at our beach site...isn't it pretty? We've got a lot of loot, don't we? :)

Taylor Kay digging in the sand.

Big waves.

Colin sitting in the hole he dug (with Uncle Mark's leg in the picture too).

Aunt Shann and Uncle Mark

After hours at the beach the adults decided it was time to pack up and head home. Colin was super disappointed, but we had 2 puppy-dogs back home needing to have a potty break. So we said our goodbyes to the water and headed home. We drove through South Haven and along the way we passed a Blueberry Farm that Colin and I discovered last year while vacationing in South Haven.

We all decided to stop and pick some berries quickly. All of us love Blueberries and by golly, they taste a whole lot better when you pick them yourself. Not to mention they are much, much cheaper.

Everyone sampled the berries a bunch while we picked. Colin actually climbed inside the bushes because the big fat berries where high up top. Aunt Shann needed her apron because she didn't have a bucket to put them in. Instead she used her beach cover-up. Like her chick sunglasses?

Monster berry.

By the time we were done, we picked over 5 pounds of berries and it only cost us $7.00. I have mine all clean and in the freezer, ready for whatever blueberry goodies I may desire.

Once we left the patch we headed to the famous Sherman's ice cream dairy bar for ice cream. While everyone ate their treat we drove to see our favorite house in South Haven. It is huge, just like her hydrangea bushes in the front yard. The back of their home looks out over Lake Michigan ( you can sort of see it in the right side of the picture). This is just one small corner of this mansion. Oh how I would LOVE to live here.

A bit later we ended up home and I then discovered I had a slight sunburn. I think the cool breeze at the beach blew my sunscreen away when I sprayed it on. The tops of my knees got burnt and they did not feel well. We chilled out the rest of the evening, made popcorn and watched Colin's "Dirty Jobs" DVD (from the Discovery Channel). A very fun day.
One thing I love while visiting my Sissy are our mornings together. We are usually up before the kids and Uncle Mark so we have sister time. Now that Romeo is part of our visits he gets to be with the girls. He is usually rowdy after sleeping all night and provides great entertainment for the both of us. Here he is sitting on my bed, with his favorite monkey toy. The toy we bought the 4th of July weekend while visiting my Sister. I think he remembers his Aunt Shann and that's why he loves his monkey so much. :)

As you can see, it was another awesome visit to Michigan. I can't believe one year ago I made my very first visit to MI when Colin and I found South Haven. I couldn't afford a trip to Florida so I settled on the beach in Michigan. Little did I know 6 months later my Sister would move there and about 15 visits later, it would be my most favorite state.

I'm telling ya, you gotta go if you haven't already.

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  1. You know...there is room here in Michigan for two more people, two furry kitties and one hairy doggie. Just saying....this is a big state you know. :) Hint Hint!!