Monday, July 12, 2010

Lawn Mower

The day before we left on our DC trip, Colin was with my parents because I didn't have a babysitter. Colin called me at work in the mid afternoon so excited, yelling into the phone, I couldn't even understand him. After getting him calmed down I heard "Papa bought me a law mower!!!". I couldn't get the whole story until I got home, but when I pulled into Mom and Dad's driveway, I see Colin sitting on this mower.
The story goes ........ Mom was out, spotted a mower for sale, called Dad and told him to go check it out. $50.00 later, Dad bought the thing. It needed a new starter (I think), but looked good otherwise. And so, it came home with Dad.
Colin has wanted to start his own mowing business since last year. I'm all for the little entrepreneur, but a mowing business?!?! All I can envision is this Mama picking up the slack because Colin-boy gets sick of it before the summer comes to an end. And I HATE mowing! However, it's perfectly fine to let him dream of this business now that he has a mower. The deal is, he must mow Nana and Papa's lawn since they bought this for him. Oh yes, he must mow our lawn too. :) He needs all the practice he can get. I do the trimming which is a very, very hard job.
I'll let you guess from the rest of these pictures how excited Colin is. I guess it's like getting your first set of wheels.

Oh yes and one more thing. My Dad rides his bicycle next to Colin so he can drive the mower around the neighborhood. Now is that love or what? You wouldn't catch me dead doing that.


  1. careful there mommy, you will eat lots of crow being a grandparent. nothing like being a grandkid.

  2. Bring that baby up to Michigan and mow Uncle Mark's yard.