Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Friday

Another week has come and gone. Another week closer to the end of summer and school starting. I know summer isn't officially over when school starts, but it sure feels like it in my book. On my way home from work today I actually saw corn starting to brown. The first signs of that make me sick. I love fall, but I don't want what comes after that.

So with my desire still for summer, here are some random pictures.
Petunias on my front porch.

Colin mowing the lawn on his new love. I kid you not, this child would sleep on his mower if I let him.

A beautiful sunset I saw the other evening from my craft room. When I saw it out my window I had to grab my camera. Love the pinks.....and so would my sissy.

The other evening in the blazing heat Colin went outside to play. He was outside for a good 45 minutes when he came in. He told me to get my camera, he had pictures for the blog.
He had gotten the garden wagon out, made a hitch out of items on his tool bench, put the push mower on top of the wagon and tied it all up. He was VERY proud of his accomplishment and had to show me. I'm not sure the hitch will last very long, so I mentioned this only because I didn't want him driving to PaPa's and all of a sudden he looses his wagon. So I left him to figure things out and later he came to report he found a stronger chain and made a better hitch. Good boy.

And finally a picture from tonight. I went out to the poo-poo garden I told you about earlier and look what it brought! A bucket full of tomatoes and a bounty of green peppers. It may be ugly, but it's producing! I felt better about the poor little pathetic plot of land.'s off to play. Colin is playing too, so I might as well play. Romeo just got a new rawhide bone so he is content for hours. Oh yes, one more random thing about this week. We had our last doggie obedience class last night and Romeo got in a fight with a classmate. He got detention. Good thing it was our last class.

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