Thursday, July 8, 2010

School for Dogs

We started obedience classes tonight with Romeo. Let's just say he was performing much better than his other classmates, but we got a lot of room for improvement. My main goal with these classes is:

1) To stop Romeo from jumping up on visitors

2) To stop him from pulling so bad on his leash

3) To stop him from running away if let loose

I'm confident we can accomplish 1 and 2, I'm worried about #3. But, he is being such a good boy and he listens so much better than when he first came to live with us, I'm not giving up hope. He didn't know how to respond to 4 other dogs in the enclosed fence tonight. Too much distraction. There was a whole lot of sniffin' going on by everyone too. :)

We have our homework assignments so Colin and I will work with him all week to be prepared for school next week. Hope he is good and gets recess instead of bad and gets timeout.

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