Monday, August 2, 2010


I am very annoyed. Last night while watching a movie with Colin our TV kept turning off. It would make a loud sound when it turned off. The screen would go bright red when we tried to turn it back on. was dying. A

So I do what I always do when I have technical difficulties. I called my brother-in-law. TV is dying! He talked me through what I needed to do to buy a new one. Helped me research the best brand and price and what features I needed. Wally-world won the prize of my new purchase and it is now home.

I wasn't just annoyed because it died, I was more annoyed because it meant spending money on something I could care less about. You see, I don't like TV. I watch Food Network maybe 3 times a month. Every now and then I sit down with Colin to watch the Discovery Network. And when he is gone, I may watch a movie. Otherwise, I think TV is a waste of time. And the biggest waste of money, the cable bill. Yuck, I don't like it.
I should live like this and then I wouldn't need to be annoyed. Who invented this TV thing anyway? Oh yes, it was a man. Go figure.

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