Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Mr. Fall

Dear Mr. Fall,

There is no doubt, you are coming in visit me. I'm not entirely ready for you, however I know that does not matter, you will come regardless. If you must come, I ask that you come at a slow pace and you stay awhile. Do not hurry through, enjoy your stay and let the days be long. For you see, I definitely do not want the next visitor that will follow in your shoes.....mean ole' cold Mr. Winter.



What do you think of the sunflower in my garden? It is probably 10 feet tall, maybe more. Can you see the bee hanging out? I love looking outside in the morning to see the sun shining on them.

Romeo is loving the cooler temperatures. Once again it's a chore to get him to come inside. When it's 95 degrees outside he will gladly come to the door to come inside (he is no dummy). But now we must coax him in with some treats. I was grilling out tonight and he kept hearing dogs bark so he sat and listened for the longest time.

And then he smelt the chicken.

I love how he lays down and kicks his left back paw out. He cannot lay with both legs underneath him. He always kicks this leg out. And if a Lego toy is in the way, he kicks it across the room.

He is all nice and shiny because he got a bath this weekend. Our grass on the other hand.....well let's just not look at that in the pictures.
My craft show went exceptionally well this past weekend. I loved talking to all of the ladies that came by to visit and it made my heart skip when they praised my work. I sold almost everything I made so it was very profitable. Now it's time to start thinking Christmas because we are having another show in October. I'm already making things! Maybe I will be ready for that mean ole' Mr. Winter before I know it with all of the Santa Clause paper I have sitting around.

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