Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A little Blog Catch-up

Sorry Mama has been too busy to blog. (Colin took this photo of the most handsome dog in the entire world).

I have been too busy to blog this past week. Had too many things to do around the home and I also wanted to spend some alone time with Colin before he heads back to school next week. I am on vacation this week so we could be together and so far we are having fun doing a whole lot of nothing.
He has been playing with different toys and I believe the 3 animals love having us both home. Colin built this fire engine house and once Tiger caught wind of if, he decided it was his to play with. Can you see how big his eyes are? He is about to pounce over the house.

Then all of a sudden Tiger saw the little tunnel under the house so he decided to go through it instead of over it. Can you see Calleigh to the left? She was being a good girl and decided to watch the situation while her brother destroyed Colin's house. His fanny was too large to fit in the tunnel.
Trying to grab for me.

Once he made it through, he decided to go back. Heaven forbid he walks around the place.

Finally he gave up and just watched us. Cutie pie.

Smile for the camera. :)

Last weekend I decided it was time to give Romeo another bath. He was getting pretty stinky. This time Colin was here to help me and I'm not really sure it was any better than the last time. But we didn't give up and Romeo got his bath. And Romeo gave us a bath as well.

Romeo is getting ready to shake.....and get my patio doors soaking wet. Kind of looks like he is smelling my yummy basil.

And even once it was all over he still loved us and was willing to give Colin a big wet kiss.

Lots of more things to share but that is enough for now. Time to get back to vacation.

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