Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Monkey Dies Slow Painfull Death"

Earlier today the body of a stuffed monkey was found at the home of Romeo G. in a little Midwestern town. Authorities are not releasing many details but it appears as though the monkey was mauled to death.

Cat siblings reported their wild brother "Romeo" was found ripping the ears off of the stuffed monkey while also pulling all of the monkey's stuffing out. Pieces of stuffing were scattered throughout the house, therefore there was no hiding the evidence. It was even reported that the head was partially riped off and hanging by only a few threads. Below are photos from the scene.

Authorities have released the name of the victim.....ROMEO. He fled the scene when the cats discovered the mess and ran to their MaMa. He is at large and considered dangerous. He will lick you to death. We have obtained this photo of him from his cat siblings.

If the perpetrator is found, he will be restrained and bond will be set at 4 bags of dog treats.

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  1. He even looks guilty in that picture! I can't believe he destroyed his beloved toy - who was he made at?