Monday, August 16, 2010

Roll over Red Rover and Other Fun Times


I am proud to announce Romeo learned a new trick tonight; Roll over! We've tried it with him a few times in the past and he didn't want anything to do with it. Tonight.......we had ham. Colin and I showed him 5 times what "roll over" meant and by the 6th time, he did it all by himself. Here is a little video from my cell phone. Ignore my funky outfit. I have on my dress blouse from work and my pajama pants. Sexy eh? And in the end Colin and I are pretty excited so you hear some high pitched squeals. We couldn't help ourselves, he is a very smart puppy dog!

Over the weekend I was busy around the house and it just drives Romeo crazy because I was constantly moving. He is definitely a Velcro-Aussie because he will not leave my side. He was constantly following me from room to room and would moan when he could finally lie down. He doesn't get the naps he needs because of his need to be stuck by my side.

Saturday I noticed all of a sudden he wasn't following me any longer. I went to the front of the house to find this.

He not only gave up on following me, he found a comfy spot to lay down! The furniture is off limits but I felt so sorry for him I left him. After I took the pictures and walked away he followed me again. So much for that nap.

Calleigh on the other hand was busy trying to catch a fly. She is always busy during the day.

And the other big fanny was resting in my bedroom with Mickey Mouse. He is NOT a Velcro-cat!

Saturday afternoon we picked up my niece from Nana's house so we could spend the day with her. She is home visiting before school starts and cousin Colin wanted to do something with her. She has her driving permit so she wanted to drive with me in town. It was so totally weird to be with her driving, I can't even explain it.

She did very good....both hands on the wheels. :)

Both of them wanted to head North to the big city to play putt-putt. It was about 90 degrees outside, but we did it anyway. I took pictures while the two of them played.

After putt-putt they wanted to play basketball in this trampoline thing. Remember, it's 90 degrees outside. I would have died of heart failure.

Our weekend was fun with everyone. This Thursday Colin goes back to school, hard to believe. We have a new backpack, 3 ring binder and everything else a 6th grader needs. I'm not ready for homework to start again. I sure hope the 6th grade is easy.

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  1. Oh! My furry nephew is so smart! Wonder if he can teach his cousin the old lady Shih Tzu how to do a trick? Thank you for taking big girl on an adventure with you. I am sure she had a wonderful time! :)