Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Survived the 1st Day of School

We both survived the 1st day of school. I didn't cry, but I had a big lump in my throat when I dropped Colin off at school. This was Romeo's first experience with school and he was excited just because he knew Colin and I were excited.

It is a tradition in our family to take lots of pictures on the first day of school and each year Colin grumbles a bit more about the tradition. But nonetheless, I do it anyway. He went along with it and let me snap away. I started the morning with taking a picture of Romeo. He is always a good student.
Colin had the breakfast of champions.
After breakfast it was time for pictures. I really like this one. Lot's of love between these two.

Colin tried to get Calleigh in a picture but jealous Romeo wouldn't leave the two of them alone. He was just licking Colin's ear in this picture. Look at the petrified look on Calleigh's face. She is probably thinking "that big canine better not lick me!".

Next we went outside for some pictures.

And our annual picture is always on the front porch of whatever house we live in. If you look closely, you'll see Tiger in this last picture.

From here we drove to school and I watched him walk away, again. And so, the 6th grade has begun.

Oh yes, he really likes his teacher!

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