Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long Weekend in MI

Friday afternoon Colin and I headed North to Michigan again. I try to make use of all long weekends to spend with my Sister since we don't get much time together any longer. We made it to their home at supper time so we ordered pizza and stayed in for the evening. We stayed up late, but enjoyed our time together.

Saturday morning we were a bit lazy before we decided to head out and play. We did all kinds of things; Farmer's Market, Shopping, Discovering other towns, and some go-cart riding.

Sophie enjoyed Colin's lap in the morning. She is totally a lap dog. Simon on the other hand knew the big, brown furry dog called Romeo was here so he was hiding out. He became much more courageous this visit then any of the others because he made his presence be known on many occasions. But he was still sly as a fox, as seen here.

After our morning errands we headed to Paw-Paw to ride some go-carts. The kids loved it!

Cute face Tee-Tee!

Colin was in love with these cars. Something about boys and speed.

Shelby just looked pretty driving her car.

After all of our fun was had we went back home to take care of the puppy dogs. They didn't get enough rest while we were gone so they both took naps while Shann and I looked at magazines. I know, it was boring to them.

Later that evening Shelby's "friend" (stick boy in front of that) came over to visit. Colin and Taylor loved having him there because the 4 of them played some hide-and-seek game in the neighborhood. I looked out Shann's kitchen window and saw these two rolling in the grass hiding from the girls. They were taking it very serious while I saw the two girls just strolling around like they could care less about "seeking". Colin loved playing with the bigger guy.

Later that night when everyone was in bed, Simon appeared again down stairs. He once again tried to hide himself so Romeo would not find him. Earlier in the evening Shann introduced the two of them and let's just say that Simon took Romeo down and I'm sure his pride was hurt a bit. He got slapped in the face a few times. Luckily, no claws.

Sunday morning Sophie enjoyed looking outside. She can't see anything, but she sure looks like she is enjoying it.

Romeo got a new toy while we were there. Since he has destroyed all of his other stuffed animals, we got him this funny looking guy. Like the teeth on both of them?

Since the weather was warmer on Sunday, we headed to Saugatuck for some shopping and the beach. The water was freezing cold but it was still lots of fun to play on the beach. I'm sure it will be our last visit before the snow starts flying.

And so another visit in Michigan came to end.

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