Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mr. Toad

Today while tending to the garden I discovered a friend. I was reaching into a bundle of weeds/tomato plants to pick a tomato and all of a sudden the grass started moving. I envisioned a snake, but instead Mr. Toad popped out. I hollered for Colin and he came running to my rescue. Although instead of protecting me, he chased me around our yard with the toad.

Colin picked up the ugly feller and it didn't bother him a bit.

A few seconds after this picture was taken the toad peed on Colin. It was quite funny and that's what he gets for terrorizing his Mother.

Once he was placed back on the ground he jumped back to the garden to his safety. However, he started getting too close to the big furry feller and he would have lost his life, I'm quite sure of that. But Colin kept him away from Romeo, so he was safe in the end.

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