Friday, September 17, 2010

Opossum....Romeo's Treat

We learned last night Romeo is a mighty hunter. He nabbed one of these in our back yard. This is how the story went......

I was on the phone with my Sissy and went to let Romeo back into the house from his last potty break of the evening. We do not have a light in our back yard, so it's hard to see him outside, but I knew he was by the back door. I opened the door, called him inside, but he wouldn't come. He was circling something on the patio. I could slightly make out an image of something and had a feeling it was bad.

I ran into Colin's room (he was in bed for the night, but not asleep) to grab a flash light. I went to the steps, shined the light, and say this ugly varmint playing dead with Romeo standing over it. It was breathing, I could see it's stomach move. Romeo wouldn't leave it, but he wasn't trying to pick it up either. I finally got him to come inside and all I could envision was him grabbing the opossum real quick and running into the house. Luckily, he didn't.
Colin is standing out on the top step with me by now and the opossum starts moving. I start screaming into my Sister's ear on the phone, push my kid back into the house and slam (if that is possible) the sliding glass door behind me. After a bit we peeked back outside and saw he moved behind my herb potted plants on the patio. Oh yuck.
So I did what every single female does, I called my Dad. He laughed and told me he would come over with his gun. Colin was SO excited when he heard about the gun, he was looking forward to watching it get killed. Not sure why, I chalk it up to the "man" thing. I started feeling remorse.
About 30 minutes later Dad showed up with his pistol, fish filleting knife and a box. Not sure what he was planning on doing with the knife, but maybe it was his back-up. Luckily, when we all went outside to find the beast, he was gone. I actually said a prayer he would scurry away so that we didn't have splattered blood to clean up. Luckily my prayer's were answered. Colin was not so happy.
The three of us and one anxious dog walked around the entire yard looking for the opossum and all we found was a spider. Romeo was probably upset we made him give up his treat, but that thing was ugly. I'm a bit nervous about the potty break tonight. I guess I better be thankful it wasn't a skunk!

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