Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hope you had a great Halloween. Superman Romeo did.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My Birthday is coming.......and it's my 40th. I love birthdays, both mine and everyone else's so the number does not bother me a bit. Want to come to my party?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Evenings are Entirely Too Much Fun

I just don't know how much fun one household can have but we are pushing it to the limits. Last night we got Romeo, Tiger and Colin all in his single bed. See what I mean?!?! I know, we are lame.

We are in the process of remodeling Colin's bedroom since I sold his loft bed. The animals like it because they can now get in his bed. Well....Romeo likes it because he can get in Colin's bed. Tiger was able to climb Colin's loft ladder so that didn't stop him, so probably the truth be known he doesn't like it because big-fanny (aka Romeo) can get in Colin's bed too. And there just isn't enough room for the 3 of them.

Romeo however, loves the attention.

See that smile? :)

Tonight we heard lots of sirens in our small town so that usually gets the residents out. We knew they were firetrucks because they drove by our home. We put Romeo in the car and headed around town to find the excitement. Luckily it wasn't someones home, it was a mobile home at the dump. Not sure why it was at the dump and chances are someone intentionally caught it on fire. Colin was in awe watching the fireman from far away. I put the long zoom lens on the camera so we did not get in the fireman's way and Colin snapped many pictures. Although he really wanted to get up close, I said no!

After the excitement was over we drove by a home in town that always decorates to the hill for holidays. He is a teacher and he has many of his students carve pumpkins for his display. We guessed there were close to 200 pumpkins. It is quite the sight.

Halloween is coming!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mower is running again

Remember the mower that my Dad bought for Colin earlier this year? Well it died about 1/2 way through Summer and there was one devastated little boy. He had high hopes to mow this world and it crumbled. Dad found someone that could look at it and even though it isn't "fixed", it's running. Dad brought it back to our house this weekend and Colin has been mowing the town (or at least the neighbors) ever since. It's amazing what your kid will do when he has a moving vehicle to do it with.

I was in the house today cleaning and I could hear the mower going around, and around, and around the house. He was mulching the leaves. However we didn't have any leaves in our yard to mulch, but he thought we did. After a bit he went to the neighbor ladies yard. She doesn't mind, in fact he mowed her grass yesterday. Next think I noticed, he was picking up the piles of sticks she had out back. Now the pile of sticks is in our yard. Oh well. He was loving his neighbor. :)

Can you see that smile on his face?

Romeo has a new toy too. A Halloween Bat from Martha Stewart's Halloween pet line. It came from PetSmart. He went to the beauty shop, or barber shop, yesterday so he deserved a new toy (plus it was 50% off). He loves it, as you can tell.

And how could anyone resist those sweet little eyes??!!

Count down to my 40TH BIRTHDAY!! It's this coming Saturday. The big 4-0 isn't bothering me a bit. I love birthdays ........................ bring it on!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Holiday Craft Show and some Mish Mash

I mentioned I had a Holiday Craft Show a couple weekends ago so I thought I would share some pictures. I am already in the Christmas spirit because of the show, but I'm trying hard to focus on Halloween and Thanksgiving because they are important times as well.

This is probably my favorite item from the show, a glittery home. I had a vintage Christmas wreath from an old ornament and it was my inspiration for the home. I decorated it totally around that sweet little wreath. The home was the last thing I sold the day of the show. I was a bit sad because I was going to keep it for myself if I didn't sell it.

This is another home I made. It has a vintage Christmas tree inside.

Tiny little chip board homes.

Here is my whole display. I think it was pretty cute. Lot's of sparkle.

Bingo cards.....near and dear to my heart in my old suitcase.

A few Mish Mash photos. Tiger playing hide and go seek behind our shower curtain.

And a different look at some furry friends. Don't ya think we need to get rid of some stuffed animals? Colin asked me to post this on my blog. Romeo was surveying the crowd to see which one he wanted to steal. He hasn't totally decided yet.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Where has time gone? I'll tell you.......

1) Work - Poo-Poo, me no like work (well I love the people I work with and the money I make to pay the bills, just wish I could stay home all day and play)

2) Holiday Craft Show - Had my 2nd craft show and it was all about Christmas. I had to hunker down after losing Grandma and get busy at making things. The show was last weekend and it's finally over. I enjoyed it, but needed it to be over.

3) My home....a mess - I sold Colin's loft bed and our entertainment center. That meant a whole bunch of stuff without a home so it was just sitting around. Sold the stuff on Saturday and headed to Chicago on Monday to IKEA. Pictures to come later.

It's almost Halloween (and my birthday) and I haven't even gotten my decorations out. I DO NOT want Christmas to come up like this so as of last weekend, the crummy stuff must go and the fun holiday time must come. My home feels better, my spirit feels better and I'm back to enjoying life without turmoil around.

Now, I cannot make any promises on my blog. I'm not going to let it worry me because I don't have time for a post. Finding my pumpkins are more important right now to be. I promise to keep up when time allows. I have lots of pictures to show you now, but don't even have time to download them from my camera. Oh well, life will go on. I sure hope life with all of you is well.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday Colin and I headed to our local Pumpkin Patch since he didn't have school and I took the day off. We have been going to this patch since he was a baby. I do not know how many different kinds of pumpkins they have, but I'm sure it's hundreds! I love to look at them all and wonder what they are used for.

The fairytale pumpkin is my favorite. It must have been the pumpkin Cinderella's chariot was created with.

Colin spotted this ole' man riding his way in a golf cart. He is the owner's dog and I think he is about as old as Colin.

We spotted these chickens and totally cracked up. Colin said "Look...that chicken has a perm!". It sure looks like she does (it better not be a he).

This guy was rather grouchy. If you stepped too close to his pen he would snort and snuff so loud I'm sure everyone near could hear it. He was also pleasantly plump.
We came home with a fairy tale pumpkin and a few really small ones. We will save buying the carving pumpkins until closer to Halloween. It's supposed to be 85 degrees here today. I can't imagine pumpkins like 85 degrees weather. I know that I don't when fall has come!
Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Time for Therapy

It's been a whirlwind of two weeks with my Grandma passing away. All of the family has left, life is somewhat back to normal. Not sure it ever gets "normal" after losing someone you love. I think of her often and want to tell her something, but remember I can't. But to tell you the truth, my silly stories don't compare to the joy she is experiencing in heaven. I do envision her having fun up there. :)

This weekend Colin goes to his Dad's so I'm heading back to my craft room. I miss it. The night before Grandma passed away I wanted to make something. Crafting is my therapy, cheaper than paying a Dr. (well....I've been on some scrapbook shopping trips with my girlfriend and we may need to argue differently, but that's our secret).

I saw a very cute idea on Jenni Bowlin's website using an old skeleton key. Her kit was WAY too expensive so I did my own. The hardest part was finding the key, but low and behold Dad had some so I found them quickly. Here is what I made.

The pictures aren't great, but hopefully you can see the album. All of the pictures are of my sister and me and one of my Grandma. Small but Sweet. Happy Friday!