Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Evenings are Entirely Too Much Fun

I just don't know how much fun one household can have but we are pushing it to the limits. Last night we got Romeo, Tiger and Colin all in his single bed. See what I mean?!?! I know, we are lame.

We are in the process of remodeling Colin's bedroom since I sold his loft bed. The animals like it because they can now get in his bed. Well....Romeo likes it because he can get in Colin's bed. Tiger was able to climb Colin's loft ladder so that didn't stop him, so probably the truth be known he doesn't like it because big-fanny (aka Romeo) can get in Colin's bed too. And there just isn't enough room for the 3 of them.

Romeo however, loves the attention.

See that smile? :)

Tonight we heard lots of sirens in our small town so that usually gets the residents out. We knew they were firetrucks because they drove by our home. We put Romeo in the car and headed around town to find the excitement. Luckily it wasn't someones home, it was a mobile home at the dump. Not sure why it was at the dump and chances are someone intentionally caught it on fire. Colin was in awe watching the fireman from far away. I put the long zoom lens on the camera so we did not get in the fireman's way and Colin snapped many pictures. Although he really wanted to get up close, I said no!

After the excitement was over we drove by a home in town that always decorates to the hill for holidays. He is a teacher and he has many of his students carve pumpkins for his display. We guessed there were close to 200 pumpkins. It is quite the sight.

Halloween is coming!

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