Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday Colin and I headed to our local Pumpkin Patch since he didn't have school and I took the day off. We have been going to this patch since he was a baby. I do not know how many different kinds of pumpkins they have, but I'm sure it's hundreds! I love to look at them all and wonder what they are used for.

The fairytale pumpkin is my favorite. It must have been the pumpkin Cinderella's chariot was created with.

Colin spotted this ole' man riding his way in a golf cart. He is the owner's dog and I think he is about as old as Colin.

We spotted these chickens and totally cracked up. Colin said "Look...that chicken has a perm!". It sure looks like she does (it better not be a he).

This guy was rather grouchy. If you stepped too close to his pen he would snort and snuff so loud I'm sure everyone near could hear it. He was also pleasantly plump.
We came home with a fairy tale pumpkin and a few really small ones. We will save buying the carving pumpkins until closer to Halloween. It's supposed to be 85 degrees here today. I can't imagine pumpkins like 85 degrees weather. I know that I don't when fall has come!
Happy Saturday!

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