Friday, October 22, 2010

Holiday Craft Show and some Mish Mash

I mentioned I had a Holiday Craft Show a couple weekends ago so I thought I would share some pictures. I am already in the Christmas spirit because of the show, but I'm trying hard to focus on Halloween and Thanksgiving because they are important times as well.

This is probably my favorite item from the show, a glittery home. I had a vintage Christmas wreath from an old ornament and it was my inspiration for the home. I decorated it totally around that sweet little wreath. The home was the last thing I sold the day of the show. I was a bit sad because I was going to keep it for myself if I didn't sell it.

This is another home I made. It has a vintage Christmas tree inside.

Tiny little chip board homes.

Here is my whole display. I think it was pretty cute. Lot's of sparkle.

Bingo cards.....near and dear to my heart in my old suitcase.

A few Mish Mash photos. Tiger playing hide and go seek behind our shower curtain.

And a different look at some furry friends. Don't ya think we need to get rid of some stuffed animals? Colin asked me to post this on my blog. Romeo was surveying the crowd to see which one he wanted to steal. He hasn't totally decided yet.

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  1. What a cute header you made for your blog!! And, why on earth did I not drive four hours to buy up all those houses and bingo cards????? I LOVE THEM ALL!!! And yes, nephew-o-mine needs to purge some animals...just not the real ones. :) See you in a week....almost 40th birthday girl!
    Love, the younger sis. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!